Home Inspection Services based in South Orange, NJ

Certified home inspectors at Meyers Home Inspections offer highest standard home inspection services across Northern and Central, NJ.

These are some of the many areas we inspect and services we offer:

Structure of the home, including masonry foundation and major wood and  steel framing of the home.

Roof and roofing system & Roof Drainage System, including inspection of roof material and underside of roof where accessible.

Chimney structure & Fireplace if present

Basement and accessible crawl spaces.

Moisture evaluation of basement and sump pumps.

Attics where accessible

Exterior siding and trim

Windows and doors

Stairs, porches decks and  balconies

Heating system

Central Air Conditioning system

Plumbing system, including water main, water piping in the home & Hot Water Heater & visible  Drain Waste & Vent piping

Electrical system, including main service, breaker panel, all visible wiring.

Interior condition of rooms in the home  including  Kitchen  &  Bathrooms

Garage and garage doors

Driveway, Paths & Walkways around the home

Termite / wood destroying insect inspection.

Radon testing.

    • Home Inspections
    • Pre-purchase Inspection
    • Radon Testing
    • Termite Inspection
    • Pre-sale Inspection
    • Commercial Building Inspections
    • Residential and mixed use
    • Retail Space
    • Office Buildings
    • Warehouses and Industrial
    • Follow-up and Specialty Inspections
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